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Tectus Security Services’ mission is to help define and implement a strategic security plan to protect you and your assets. Tectus Security Services is a Limited Liability Company and is licensed, certified, and insured in the State of Louisiana.

Our company utilizes the expertise of former law enforcement, maritime accredited personnel, and military personnel to provide a full range of security operations. Our target market is primarily private and public facilities, maritime vessel owners and agencies, film, video and television productions, accomplished A-list actors, various government entities, and high-profile individuals.

All of our successes are attributed to honest and open communication with our clients and the level of qualified security agents we provide. We strive to deliver the utmost professional security services in our industry. The evolving, increasingly sophisticated nature of today’s security threats has created an urgent need for qualified, professional protection of personal and business assets.

Our company has 200+ years of combined experience and leadership in law enforcement, military service, and business management.  All Tectus security agents are from accredited police/sheriff departments, state police, federal agencies, and various branches of the military with an Honorable Discharge only.

Tectus Security Services senior management will be accessible and utilize a hands-on approach with all daily activities and company matters surrounding our client’s security issues.

Tectus Security Services will align all personnel towards achieving and meeting our client’s objectives and goals. In addition to hiring all prior law enforcement and/or military personnel, our company’s efforts have and will continue to be focused on on-going training, safety awareness, high employee motivation and loyalty, increased team cohesiveness among the company’s various departments, and promoting consistency for efficiency

Our knowledgeable marketing consultants keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in products and technology. And can manage your program from concept to completion. Contact us today for free consultation.




New Orleans, Louisiana | phone: 504.941-2292 | fax 985.778-2898 | E-mail Tectus